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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some Men Don't Want To Work - What's Going On?

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In today’s New York Times, there is an article about men who have lost their jobs, and who are no longer looking for work. However, these men (and not the ones who are also profiled who are convicted felons) do not seem to fit my typical stereotype of the “discouraged worker.” Rather they have given up looking for a job because some jobs are beneath them, or they’d rather live off their home equity than take a job that is not as good as their former job.

Well I was raised to be productive, regardless of the “opportunities,” and worked at several jobs in high school and college that were certainly “beneath me” in terms of my education, but nevertheless provided much-needed money, and at a minimum, reinforced in me a work ethic that I had initially developed in my school work.

The article provides a disturbing portrait of one couple in which the wife is unwilling to challenge her unemployed husband to get back to work, even though she supported him until she had to go on disability following an automobile accident.

Somehow we must find ways to bring back these men into society’s fold, so that they can become productive citizens again.

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Anonymous said...

Communist thinking for the working class.

Profit only for the wealthy.

There is nothing wrong with someone with holding their labor as they are a business of one. Would you ask a business to sell to you at a loss constantly and then expect them to remain in business?

No. So why do you expect people to work at a loss without making a profit? After all they are a business of one attempting to live in the American market with American prices while competing against labor in foreign markets living on prices in foreign markets.

See a problem yet?

But that's right, it's all this persons fault for being lazy and stupid. That makes the world much easier to blame the problems on the individual laborer and cave into government and corporate fraud that caused the problems.

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