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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Written In Response To A Fundamentalist Pastor

If you consider the different denominations of Christianity, there seems to be disagreement in spiritual matters. Why else would there be so many different groups that all call themselves followers of Christ? Diversity in nature, diversity in humans, and diversity in religious and spiritual beliefs seems to be the norm. So I find myself in respectful disagreement with Rev. Porter’s last column pertaining to Easter and its true meaning to all Christians.

I do not believe in the blood redemption of Jesus for our sin, sin that we are supposedly born into. I do not believe in the actual physical resurrection of Jesus, but that the resurrection was one of spirit. I do not believe that to be a Christian a person has to accept these ‘miracles’. Jesus was a man that stood up for the down-trodden, stood up for the people called ‘sinners’ by the Roman-appointed Jewish priests of the temple, condemned the love of money, and urged us all to love one another as we love ourselves.

So I respectfully suggest that while Rev. Porter may speak for himself and much of his congregation, he does not speak for Christians like myself. But far from condemning him, I would go so far to say that I not only tolerate his beliefs, but accept them in the sense that his beliefs are right for him. Too often the word ‘tolerance’ is used to mean ‘I know they’re wrong, but I’ll just put up with them’, where as acceptance means to me that ‘I don’t believe the same as they, but they have a right to be respected as a fellow brother or sister of the human race’.

How are we as a world community ever to be able to live together if Christians themselves can’t learn to accept one another? There is no hope of living in peace with our brothers and sisters that practice Judaism, Islam, Buddhism or any number of other belief systems (including atheism) if we as Christians can’t live together in peace. God, the Spirit, embodies love, for there have been revelations and wisdom handed down over millenia throughout the world for every culture’s benefit. Truth cannot be monopolized by any one faith or group.

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