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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Comments From The GOPUSA Message Board

Some Of The Nastiest Comments

"I've known about this change in the philosophy of liberal men for awhile but this really gets to the bottom of it. Naturally the Times doesn't have a clue how revolting this article is. I hope everyone reads it because it's your taxes that are keeping these lazy slobs at 300 pounds"

"So Mr. Beggerow would gladly work if someone would let him do what he wants to do. Isn't that nice. Perhaps he doesn't realize that most job interviewers are quite perceptive, and will likely pick up on that attitude, thus eliminating him from consideration. Methinks what Mr. Biggerow really wants is to sit home and eat."

"Thanks for posting this. I attribute this narcisism to the breakdown of the 2 parent household. We are now witnessing a generation(s) of men raised by women (mom, grandma, or day care). These men have no concept of a fatherly figure nor an understanding of what it means to be a responsible male. I agree that one way to snap these people out of their woe is me attitude is to ELIMINATE entitlements."

"This article is so interesting to me because I've encountered someone exactly like they describe and who is doing exactly this. Their wife works but they no longer do since they were let go from a job of many years. The person is happy about it and criticizes those who do work. There are apparently a lot of them."

"BOTH of my husbands. I thought I was the only woman married to such selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed men."

"Sorry to hear about your misfits. It sounds as if you were married to male creature, not real men. Men dig ditches, if that is the only job available."

"Sorry folks, but this article is saying exactly what I have been for the past few months: that there is work that Americans WON'T do, and the main reason is that the govt competes with the "unskilled" labor market. Why would one go to work when they can make more and have better benefits from sitting on their "royal" butts? They would (and do) say that they simply "can't afford to go to work." Stupid women and other family members aside...if these lard-fannies didn't have the "entitlements" they would "dig ditches" if they had to."

"I saw this on TV this evening. UNbelievable! What man wouldn't get off his butt at ANY given time and take every opportunity to not only be an example, but actually PROVIDE for his family? Good grief, people.The TV clip I saw showed a guy making his wife's lunch, kissing her as she left for her executive job and then sitting down, hoping he could "hit it big with his BLOG"! And I though, "You Pansy!" But I see what is happening. With thousands of people living "scot free" off government handouts, why not find out how to qualify and just "do nothing".Barring being a quadropalegic or on my deathbed, I wouldn't think of sending my wife to work while I "sat home". I'd clean a public bathroom before sitting home and "giving up". These guys will live stupid and die stupid."

"That's not the end of the story addition to these "entitlements" is subsidized housing (here would be a 3 BR apt for bout $100/mo, the OTHER $1300 paid for by who? US!!). Then there are food stamps, school breakfast/lunch programs (for those with families), WIC, not to mention at the end of the tax year their REFUND!! For "earned income credits", etc... It's just sickening!!!! Maybe, just maybe, IF our govt wasn't so frigin stupid, we would see guys like this standing on corners looking for day jobs instead of the Illegals... And for those of you in favor of minimum wage, and it's never-ending increases, just remember that when the cost of living goes up, so do the "cost of entitlements" US!!"

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