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Thursday, November 11, 2004

On The Privitization of Social Security

From what I understand, SS might not be in such a pickle if the congress gang would've kept their fingers out of it when it was over funded a few years ago. It shouldn't be a source to pay for anything besides SS benefits.

I don't see how privitization will help, knowing that it will create a situation where it will be 2 trillion dollars short of paying existing retirees benefits. Where will this money come from to keep the program solvent for current payees, let alone future payees?

Can't really brow beat the Republicans over this. Both parties have been guilty of wasteful legislation and spending over the years, and I shudder to think that both parties are gonna try and fix SS now. Without a more fiscal responsible attitude towards spending by the legislature and executive branches, SS is doomed. With far more people getting benefits then are paying into the program, higher taxes of some type are inevitable. And if this insane deficit spending isn't curtailed, higher taxes won't even help.

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