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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Do you like fried chicken?

In my day to day activites, I get a chance to talk to many people of many differing opinions. But despite the differing opinions, there is always something that we can agree on. Granted, it takes a bit of patience and exploration to find the common ground, but in the end it usually turns out that people in general have much more in common than they realize.

I call this the 'Fried Chicken' commonality factor. The question' Do You Like Fried Chicken?' is a good one to spring on folks with whom you disagree. Of course it could be a question about anything that is kind of off the subject of disagreement. The point of it is to find something to agree on. Sometimes it can lead to dialogue instead of finger pointing.

1 comment:

Dean said...

Of course such fingering activity leads to finger LICKING.....and then the lewd implications are released! I never would have thought of such a subject, but it will be interesting to see the responses you get, and the tangents that spring forth.

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