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Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Election Process

In a country that professes to be a democracy, honest and fair elections are absolutely essential. The debacle of the 2000 national election still hangs over our country, and now some are saying that all was not well with the election of 2004.

Is this hue and cry from a minority merely sour grapes from folks that supported the loser of the election? No doubt some of it is. But as long as there remains a question about the legality and fairness of an election, it can create doubt in the minds of the voters. What's the difference if a person votes or not if there aren't guarantees that the election is fair?

As long as the spectre of the 2000 election and the questions about the 2004 election remain, our entire electoral process is in jeaopardy. A democracy only works if the citizens participate, at least by voting. There should be appropriate non-partisan investigations, and a push for election reform. If there was any wrong-doing in these elections, it's time to uncover them and rectify the system. Regardless of the fact that this election resulted in the Republicans gaining further control of congress and maintaining their position in the executive branch, it's time to study and investigate and make the appropriate changes as needed.

This country will no longer be the hybrid of a republic/democracy without election reform. The stranglehold that the two major political parties have on the electorate will continue to create disinterest and apathy among the voters. It is time for the citizenry to make their feelings known to all of our elected officials. We can no longer afford to have only the rich be able to run for high political office. The rich will only work to sustain their self-interest, no matter which of the two parties they happen to belong to. The two major parties have made it so difficult for a third-party candidate to get on the ballot, even to the point of the Democrats suing Ralph Nader to keep him off. Suing someone because they want to run for office? Is this democracy? Does this reflect what the founding fathers had in mind for this country?

So let us as a nation scrutinize the election returns of not only Ohio, but the entire election. Let us smoke out the corruption and incompetence if it is there. Let us see to it that election reform is implemented, and release the power of the two major political parties so voters might actually have candidates to vote for that reflect their own beliefs. Our entire government and way of life depend on it.

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Dean said...

It certainly is in jeopardy so far as I am concerned. If the process is not readically improved, I will never vote again. That may please some, dismay a few, and perhaps mean nothing to most, but if my attitude becomes contagious, it is certainly the end of freedom and decency in this country. That, notwithstanding, is where I must be. I have had enough.

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